How to Pick the Perfect Wedding Ring

Start Early
With no intention to dim the importance of all the other items on your wedding planning list, bear in mind that, your ring is the only element you’ll have to wear every day after your wedding. Don’t rush your choice. Start looking early so you can find something you absolutely love. We will need time to get it made and sized right for your comfort.


Set a budget
Knowing how much you intend to spend on your wedding rings makes it easy to narrow down your options. Your budget will inform the type of stones and gold karat we can combine. There is a ring for every practical budget.


Style choices
What are your style considerations? Do you love yellow gold or absolutely dislike it? Does your partner want a different colour from what you prefer? How about we mix and match? There are so many options but it’s important to narrow down your choices.

Fashion trends come and go. Select a classic style that will be relevant for a long time.


The kind of lifestyle you have should inform your choice. Are you an engineer who works with a lot of hand tools or are you always working out at the gym? Maybe a 22K may not be the best choice for you as it is too soft and will constantly have dents and scratches. Also, wearing a ring with a lot of stones may not be a good idea as the stones might get loose with all that activity.

People who wear gloves at work may not want a big center stone that can tear through rubber, for instance. Discuss your lifestyle with us and we’ll be happy to guide you to choose the best ring.