We are a Ghanaian precious jewelry manufacturer located in the heart of Accra, the Capital of Africa's Gold Coast.

One-of-a-kind jewelry is our thing! You deserve something that's unique to you; a piece you can pass on for generations.

Our designs are fresh, unique and finished to very high standards.

As a company, we are not oblivious about the harmful effects on mining on our environment. With the introduction of the SueShimmers buy-back program three years ago, we aim at producing at least 70% of our jewelry using recycled gold by 2025. All our diamonds and gemstones are supplied by ethically responsible sources.



Sue Kumah-Boateng started this business straight out of college where she studied to be a metal product designer. She had two passions; jewelry and wrought iron fabrication. Her love for fine jewelry prevailed.

With the launch of her brand SueShimmers in 2012, she brought a breath of fresh air to the precious jewelry scene. Her love for Ghanaian art is seen in her pieces. She is also passionate about contemporary designs, experiments with a wide range of textures and works with semi-precious and precious stones like diamonds, amethyst, aquamarine, sapphires, rubies and more.

Sue's dream is to share the rich concepts of Ghanaian Jewelry with the rest of the world!